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Low-calorie high protein «Royal Cake» cookie with sweeteners


50 g


Ingredients: protein complex (egg white, milk protein, pea protein, soy protein), sweetener (E968); corn flour; rice flour; almond flour; milk fat; egg yolk; corn starch; coconut flour; coconut; isomaltol oligosaccharides (prebiotic); polydextrose stabilizer (E1200); inulin (fiber); moisture retardant (E422); food salt; baking powder (E500ii); natural flavoring; lecithin (E322). Contains sweeteners. Excessive consumption causes diarrhea. No dyes or preservatives added.


180 days (6 months)

Energy: 85 kcal / 360 KJ

Energy and nutritional value per serving (25 g):

Fibers 4 g
Salt 0,2 g
Quantity in showbox: 12 pcs


Baking protein with reduced calorie for use before and after exercise, in between meals, before bedtime. It is used in addition to the basic diet as an additional source of protein.
The ratio of different types of proteins – milk, wheat and egg allows you to achieve a better effect compared with the use of one type of protein.

Eat 2-4 servings (50-100 g) per day.

Protein complex

Concentrate milk protein (Switzerland) – is absorbed more slowly, gradually increasing the concentration of amino acids in the blood and maintaining it at a high level for 6-8 hours. Supports anabolic processes throughout the day.

Wheat protein (France) is a natural herbal ingredient with a neutral taste and smell, obtained from environmentally friendly high-quality wheat.
Egg (Russia) – one of the best sources of nutrients. It is one of the highest quality and easily digestible proteins.


Erythritol (Belgium) is a natural sugar alcohol (polyol), “melon sugar”, found in many fruits and melons. Erythritol has important advantages when used in food production: – It has a pleasant sweet taste with a cooling effect, with an intensity equal to about 70% of regular sugar. – the only of all sugar alcohols, has zero calories.

– it is perfectly tolerated by the digestive system without side effects even in slightly larger doses than regular sugar. – protects teeth from caries, inhibits the activity of cariogenic bacteria.

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