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Protein bar with coconut. The exotic taste of paradise pleasure combined with balanced nutrients is a proof that sports nutrition is not inferior in taste to traditional sweets.

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ProteinRex GYM Protein Bar (30%)



Protein complex (whey protein isolate, milk protein concentrate); maltitol sweetener; inulin (dietary fiber); almond flour; cocoa butter substitute; coconut flakes; milk fat; water retaining agent glycerin; cocoa powder; powdered milk; emulsifier soya lecithin; coconut flavor.


12 months

Energy value: 215 kcal / 885 kJ

Nutritional and energy value per one serving (60 g)


Kcal 215; Proteins 18; Fats 9; Carbohydrates 15.5

Dietary fiber 8.5 g
of which soluble fiber 7.5 g
Salt 0.3 g
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How to use

A universal balanced protein complex for use as a complete meal.
It is recommended to use 1 bar per day.

Protein Complex

Whey protein isolate (France) is a fast-digesting protein. 95% protein per 100 g. It is a high quality protein with the highest biological value.
Milk protein concentrate (Switzerland) is absorbed in 8 hours, allows you to constantly nourish the muscles, preventing their destruction.


Inulin – natural soluble dietary fiber capable of stimulating the reproduction and growth of beneficial bifidobacteria.

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