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Chocolate plombir

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ProteinRex Protein Bar LOW CARB (33%)

Chocolate plombir


Protein complex (milk protein concentrate, whey protein isolate); isomaltooligosaccharides (dietary fiber); erythritol sweetener; almond flour; milk fat; crushed roasted cocoa beans; water retaining agent glycerin; grated cocoa; stevia extract; food salt; natural flavoring.

Shelf life

12 monhts

Energy value: 410 kJ / 99 kcal

Nutritional and energy value per one serving (35 g)


Kcal 99; Proteins 11; Fats 4; Carbohydrates 2

Dietary fiber 7 g
Salt 0.2 g
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Dimensions 8 × 3.5 × 2 cm
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