For the production of ProteinRex and RoyalCake products we use safe and natural ingredients.
We will further review the main characteristics of erythritol, which is part of our products. Erythritol is a natural sugar substitute, sweetener, water-retaining agent and stabilizer in products with reduced calorie content or without added sugar. It is a crystalline white powder, soluble in water. Due to its natural origin, Erythritol does not have any harmful effects on the human body, does not affect blood sugar and does not cause caries, it is considered non-toxic. The sweetener is rapidly excreted in the urine unchanged, is not metabolized, and is not absorbed in the intestine. Erythritol is often called an innovative substitute for sugar of the XXI century due to the large number of beneficial properties:
• is a completely natural product, the manufacturing method of which is based on environmentally friendly technologies;
• contains 0 kcal, what allows to use it in dietary nutrition in order to reduce weight;
• does not increase blood sugar, so it can be included in the menu of people with diabetes.