The ProteinRex Europe team presents an exclusive range of healthy and sports nutrition products of the ProteinRex and RoyalCake brands.
Our company is a concern of the RoyalCake factory, providing wholesale and retail services throughout the European Union and European countries.
Our office is located in Tallinn, Estonia.
Protein snacks and ready breakfast without added sugar – our technologists have developed our food line for those who still cannot imagine their life without sweets, but who care about their health.
Adherents to a balanced diet, people following their figure, athletes and sweet tooths – we tried to please everyone.
Production processes have been carried out with the help of Danish and German technologies, which in turn enables us to produce high quality European goods.
We are responsible for the quality of our products and we value every customer.
Our brands are market leaders, as we represent the widest range of these products in Russia and the CIS countries.


All products are manufactured on modern high-tech equipment. The food safety system in the workplace complies with all the standards and requirements.

Original Danish and German technologies have been introduced into manufacturing processes. This allows us to produce goods of European quality.
We are responsible for the quality of our products, we value every customer.


  •        sugar free

  •        contain the daily protein intake

  •        replace one meal

  •        help fat burning

  •        satisfy hunger for a long period

  •        improve digestion

  •        contribute to muscle building

  •        restore muscle after training.

Different amounts of protein, prebiotics and the ratio of nutrients, vegan and gluten-free novelties, natural ingredients – we tried to take into account all the wishes and needs of our customers so that each of them could choose their own product that suits their lifestyle.


We know how important it is for our customers to be sure that all the ingredients we use in manufacturing are safe for health, effective and approved for use. Therefore, our products officially have State Registration Certificates (SGR), issued on the basis of expert opinions of the Federal Budget Health Institution of the Federal Health and Safety Center of Rospotrebnadzor in the Russian Federation, and comply with the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union.
Our company constantly participates in Russian and other international exhibitions. We monitor the development of the global industry of healthy nutrition in order to improve our products, cut the calories, and make the composition of products as healthy as possible.


Laanemere tee 19, Tallinn, 13914